Dreaming Out Loud (OneRepublic album)

debut album by American rock band OneRepublic

Dreaming Out Loud is the debut album by OneRepublic, produced by Greg Wells with two songs produced by Ryan Tedder. OneRepublic has been the number one band on MySpace for over a year, and has been in MySpace Music's Top Artists since early 2006, with over 24 million total song plays and counting.[1] The album was released in the US on November 20, 2007, although the entire album had been leaked on to the internet months before.

List of songsEdit

  1. "Say (All I Need)"
  2. "Mercy"
  3. "Stop and Stare"
  4. "Apologize"
  5. "Goodbye Apathy"
  6. "All Fall Down"
  7. "Tyrant"
  8. "Prodigal"
  9. "Won't Stop"
  10. "All We Are"
  11. "Someone to Save You"
  12. "Come Home"