highest mountain in Switzerland

The Dufourspitze is a mountain in the Alps.

French: Pointe Dufour, Italian: Punta Dufour
The Monte Rosa massif with the Dufourspitze.
Highest point
Elevation4,634 m (15,203 ft)
Prominence2,165 m (7,103 ft) ↓ Great St Bernard Pass[1]
Ranked 7th in the Alps
Isolation78.3 km (48.7 mi) → M Blanc de Courmayeur[2]
ListingCountry high point
Canton high point
Seven Second Summits
Coordinates45°56′12.6″N 7°52′01.4″E / 45.936833°N 7.867056°E / 45.936833; 7.867056
Native nameDufourspitze, Höchste Spitze, Gornerhorn Error {{native name checker}}: parameter value is malformed (help)
English translationPeak Dufour, Highest Peak, Large Horn
Dufourspitze is located in Switzerland
Location in Switzerland
Parent rangePennine Alps
First ascent1 August 1855 by Matthäus and Johannes Zumtaugwald, Ulrich Lauener, Christopher and James Smyth, Charles Hudson, John Birkbeck and Edward Stephenson.
Easiest routerock/snow/ice climb

With a height of 4634 metres, it is the highest mountain peak in Switzerland and also the second-highest peak in the Alps in and Western Europe after Mont Blanc. The mountain is on the border between Switzerland and Italy.

The mountain is named after the famous swiss engineer and topographer Guillaume Henri Dufour.

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  1. Retrieved from the Swisstopo topographic maps. The key col is the Great St Bernard Pass (2,469 m)
  2. Retrieved from Google Earth. The nearest point of higher elevation is east of Mont Blanc.