Duma (genus)

genus of plants

Duma is a genus of flowering plants. Tanja Schuster made it in 2011. The species in it used to be in Muehlenbeckia. She found that some were different, and put them in Duma.[1] The genus is in Australia.[2]

Species change

Duma has three species in it.[3]

  • Duma coccoloboides (J.M.Black) T.M.Schust. (syn. Muehlenbeckia coccoloboides)
  • Duma florulenta (Meisn.) T.M.Schust. (syn. Muehlenbeckia florulenta)
  • Duma horrida (H.Gross) T.M.Schust. (syn. Muehlenbeckia horrida)

References change

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