EA Vancouver

video game developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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EA Vancouver (formerly known as EA Canada and also known as EA Burnaby) is a video game developer in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Studio is in Burnaby near Vancouver. In the complex there are several buildings where there are a theater, cafes, restaurants and a full-size football pitch. There is also a Motion Capture studio.

History change

The studio was founded in 1982 as Distinctive Software Inc. by Don Mattrick and Jeff Sember.[1][2] In the late 1980s, Sember sold his shares to Mattrick. In 1991, it was bought by Electronic Arts and changed its name to EA Canada. A year later, 80 people worked for the studio, in 2000 it was already 660, in 2010 it employed 1,300 employees in British Columbia and 2,400 throughout the country.[3]

In 2008, the decommissioned EA Black Box was added to EA Canada, which despite the merger still retained its name.[4]

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