Edmund II of England

King of the English, Wessex dynasty

Edmund Ironside or Edmund II (Old English: Eadmund II Isen-Healf; c. 989 – 30 November 1016) was the son of Æthelred the Unready. When his father died he was king of England from 23 April to 18 October 1016 and of Wessex from 23 April to 30 November 1016.

Edmund "Ironside"
King of England (more...)
Fictional 18th century portrait
Reign23 April 1016 – 30 November 1016
PredecessorEthelred the Unready
SuccessorCanute the Great
Wessex, England
Died(1016-11-30)30 November 1016 (age 27)
Glastonbury, England
IssueEdward the Exile
FatherEthelred the Unready
MotherÆlfgifu of York
Preceded by
Æthelred the Unready
King of the English
Succeeded by
Cnut the Great