Ei Ogawa

Japanese screenwriter

Ei Ogawa (Japanese: 小川英, Ogawa Ei, March 10, 1930; Osaka - April 27, 1994; Tokyo (age 64) ), also credited as Hide Ogawa (江里 明, Ogawa Hide) was a Japanese screenwriter.



Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Chuo University. He studied under the screenwriter & author Keiichiro Ryu and mainly wrote many Nikkatsu action films, such as The Age of Assassins. Ogawa was one of the people who supported the Golden Age of Nikkatsu action movies during the 1960s. From around 1970, he shifted his main activity to TV dramas, and in "Taiyo ni Hoero!", he was involved from the beginning to the end of the program, and mainly played the role of supervising and revising the scenario. In parallel with this, Ogawa has written numerous drama scripts in a wide range of genres such as action, suspense, and historical drama. At the end of the 1960s, he joined the video production group Jack Production (ジャック・プロダクション, Jakku purodakushon) with Takashi Tsuboshima, Yasuo Tanami, Katsuki Iwauchi and others.

In addition, Ogawa presided over the private school "Eijuku" for training scenario writers, and produced many writings.