El Instituto Cultural Cubano-Norteamericano

El Instituto Cultural Cubano-Norteamericano was an American institution established in Havana, Cuba in 1943. It offered courses relating to the U.S. and the English language. [1]

The institute's library was called Biblioteca Pública Martí-Lincoln. Most of the books were given by the government of the United States and individual Americans. Popular American magazines were also in the library. Unlike other libraries in Cuba at that time, the institute's library let people borrow books for reading outside of the library.

The director was the Cuban historian Herminio Portell Vilá.

In 1945, the institute began publishing a bulletin entitled Dos Pueblos, first for students but later sent to libraries abroad. [2]

An article in Granma describes the institute as designed to influence and penetrate Cuban society and culture.[3]