Eleazar of Worms

German rabbi

Eleazar of Worms (Hebrew: אלעזר מוורמייזא; c. 1176 – 1238), or Eleazar ben Judah ben Kalonymus, was a Jewish mystic. He was an important student of the Talmud. He was also the last major member of the Chassidei Ashkenaz, a group of German Jewish mystics.

Eleazar of Worms was born in Mainz. He traveled and studied at many centers of learning in Germany and northern France. He belonged to the Kalonymus family, which was one of the most important German-Jewish families at the time. His father, Judah B. Kalonymus, was one of the leading scholars of his generation. Eleazar learned from his father about Jewish law and theology.

Eleazar spent most of his life living in Worms. He was a Jewish pietist. Eleazar wrote many books and poems on praising God, and studied liturgical poetry, halakhah, theology, ethics and exegesis. Some of his works were printed but many have been lost. Eleazar witnessed and suffered the persecution of Jews. Eleazar's wife, two daughters were murdered, and he and his son were badly injured.[1]


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