Electronic sports

form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games

Electronic sports (Also called esports) is term for video games that are played competitively. Popular electronic sports games are Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Warcraft, Starcraft, Dota 2, Quake, Fortnite and Valorant. Electronic Sports is played over the Internet or via LAN. There are professional leagues and tournaments like the Cyberathlete Professional League, ClanBase, Electronic Sports League and the World Cyber Games where electronic sports players can earn thousands of US Dollars. One example is Starcraft in Korea where they have many players who are very competitive. Esports has been around since the dawn of arcades when players would battle it out for number one.

Electronic sports

The main reasons for the popularity of e sport: [1]

  • Accessibility- it does not require expensive equipment and a suitable place, such as football
  • No physical requirements- It is not necessary to be very tall or in good shape.
  • Possibility of free viewing- Very high availability and the ability to watch on various platforms for free.

According to TechCrunch the game maker Epic Games is providing $100 million in prize money in 2019 for participants in esports.[2]