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Ellipsanime (formerly known as Le Studio Ellipse, Ellipse Programme and Ellipse Animation) is a French animation studio. It produces television programs. It was founded in 1987.[1]

Films, TV shows, and specials change

Babar (1989-2000) (co-produced) with Nelvana and Kodansha (season 6)

Blazing Dragons (1996-1998) (co-produced) with Nelvana

Doug (1992-1994) (co-produced) with Nelvana Jumbo Pictures and Games Animation

La Familia Pirate (1999-2004) (co-produced) with Trickopmany Filmproduktion GMBH and Motion International

The Adventures Of Tintin (1991-1992) (co-produced) with Nelvana

Rupert (1991-1997) (co-produced) with Nelvana TVS Television and Scottish Television

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (season 3 only co-produced with Starz Media Film Roman and Bolder Media)

The Jungle Book (season 3 only co-produced with DQ Entertainment International)

References change

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