Emperor Wen of Sui

founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty (541-604)

Emperor Wen of Sui (Chinese: 隋文帝; 21 July 541 – 13 August 604), founded the Sui Dynasty (581–618 AD).

Yang Jian
1st Emperor of Sui Dynasty
Reign4 March 581 – 13 August 604
SuccessorEmperor Yangdi
Born21 July 541
Chang'an, Northern Zhou
Died13 August 604(604-08-13) (aged 63)
Renshou Palace, Baoji, Sui China
Full name
Family name: Yang (Chinese: , Yáng)
Given name: Jian (Chinese: , Jiān)
Era dates
Kāihuáng Chinese: 開皇 (581–600)
Rénshòu Chinese: 仁壽 (601–604)
Posthumous name
Wen (Chinese: , wén)
literary meaning: "civil"
Temple name
Gaozu (Chinese: 高祖, gāo zǔ)
FatherYang Zhong, Duke of Sui[1]
MotherLü Kutao

Notes Edit

  1. Temple name: Taizu (Chinese: 太祖)
    Posthumous name: Wuyuan (Chinese: 武元)