Empire of Trebizond

Byzantine Greek state on Black Sea coast

The Empire of Trebizond was a Byzantine state on the Black Sea coast, formed as a result of the Fourth Crusade in 1204.[1][2][3] It lasted until 1461 when it was conquered by Mehmed II.[4] Ruled by the Megas Komnenos Dynasty, who were descendants of the Byzantine Komenos emperors.[4] Empire was one of the three successor states after the Fourth Crusade along with the Empire of Nicaea and the Empire of Thessalonica. Its capital was the city of Trebizond (now Trabzon in Turkey),[5] and its culture and politics were strongly related to Byzantine traditions.[3]

Empire of Trebizond
Flag of Empire of Trebizond
Location of Empire of Trebizond
• 1204-1222
Alexios I
• 1458-1461
David II
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Byzantine Empire
Ottoman Empire
Today part ofTurkey


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