Enrico Bombieri

Italian mathematician (1940-)

Enrico Bombieri (born 26 November 1940) is an Italian mathematician. He is known for his work in analytic number theory, Diophantine geometry, complex analysis, and group theory.[5] Bombieri is a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.[6] Bombieri won the Fields Medal in 1974 and the Crafoord Prize in 2020.[7]

Enrico Bombieri
Enrico Bombieri.jpg
Enrico Bombieri
Born (1940-11-26) 26 November 1940 (age 82)
Alma materUniversity of Milan
Known forDeterminant method
Large sieve method in analytic number theory
Bombieri-Lang conjecture
Bombieri norm
Bombieri–Vinogradov theorem
"Heights" in Diophantine geometry
Siegel's lemma for bases (Bombieri–Vaaler)
Partial differential equations
Awards1966, Caccioppoli Prize[1]
1974, Fields Medal
1976, Feltrinelli Prize
1980, Balzan Prize
2006, Pythagoras Prize[2]
2008, Joseph L. Doob Prize[3][4]
2010, King Faisal International Prize
2020, Crafoord Prize
Scientific career
InstitutionsInstitute for Advanced Study
Doctoral advisorGiovanni Ricci
Doctoral studentsUmberto Zannier


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