central district and city in Erzincan Province, Turkey

Erzincan is the capital of Erzincan Province in the eastern Anatolian region of Turkey.

On December 27, 1939 at 01:57 UTC, the city was hit by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, the most powerful to hit the country since the 1668 North Anatolia earthquake,[1][2] which killed 32,700 people and injured more than 100,000. On the same day, the temperature was −30 °C (−22 °F), which caused many survivors of the earthquake to die from hypothermia. The city was almost completely destroyed and it took many years to recover. It is the second-deadliest earthquake in Turkey after the 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquake and the deadliest earthquake in Turkey in the 20th century.[3]

At 08:18 UTC on 13 March 1992, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake[1][2] shook the city, killing 652 people and injuring more than 2,000. The city was badly damaged. 150 buildings collapsed and 8,000 buildings were damaged so badly, that they were later demolished.[4]


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