Eve (Bible)

biblical figure

In the Book of Genesis, Eve is the world’s first woman created by God to be a wife to Adam. Eve is placed in the Garden of Eden and allowed to eat any fruit except the fruit of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because if she eats it she will die. A snake convinces her to eat it anyway. She then gives it to her husband who also eats it. They then realize they are naked. An angel is then sent to banish her and Adam from the garden so that they can’t eat the fruit of The Tree of Life and live forever. God gives them clothes and says that Eve will become the mother of all humans and be very respected but that her husband will rule over her. Eve gives birth to a son and she names him Cain. She then gives birth to a second son named Abel. Cain kills Abel and is exiled. Eve gives birth to a son named Seth and also has daughters.