Excel (band)

American band

Excel is a crossover thrash band from Venice, California. The band was formed in 1983 by singer Dan Clements and guitarist Adam Siegel. Excel was influenced by street art and known for painting graffiti on the streets of the cities where they played their shows.[1]

Excel Classic Formation.jpg
Excel in 1988, L-R: Adam Siegel, Shaun Ross, Greg Saenz and Dan Clements
Background information
Also known asChaotic Noise
OriginVenice, California, United States
GenresCrossover thrash, thrash metal, heavy metal, skate punk
Years active1983–1992, 1994–1995, 2012–present
LabelsSuicidal (1985–1988)
High Speed (1987)
Caroline (1987–1989)
Delicious Vinyl (1994–1995)
Capitol (1994–1995)
Malicious (1995)
Associated actsSuicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Cyco Miko, No Mercy, Against, My Head, Alien Ant Farm
MembersDan Clements
Alex Barreto
Shaun Ross
Greg Saenz
Past membersAdam Siegel
Brandon Rudley
Rickey Palamino
Evan Warech

Excel was also known for jumping on stage with other bands from Venice such as No Mercy, Beowülf, Suicidal Tendencies (with whom Excel are very close friends) and Cryptic Slaughter, and sometimes with other thrash metal bands like Testament and Overkill.

Excel has released three studio albums, three split albums, five demos, three singles and two live albums.[2] They broke up in 1995. Their first two albums, Split Image and The Joke's on You, were reissued in 2001 with bonus tracks, and in August 2009, they released a special collection of eight DVDs of their tours in Europe and Los Angeles and published them on their MySpace page. Excel announced a reunion in January 2012.


Their full-length studio albums include:

  • Split Image (1987)
  • The Joke's on You (1989)
  • Seeking Refuge (1995)


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