city in Devon, England

Exeter is a city in South West England on the River Exe, from which it takes its name. It is the county town of Devon. Just over 100,000 live there. In the city are a ruined castle, much of the old Roman city wall, and Exeter Cathedral.

Rougemont Castle ruins



Exeter was built by the Romans, who called it Isca Dumnoniorum (Isca of the Dumnonii, the local British tribe). After the Romans left and the Anglo-Saxons moved into the area in the seventh century, the name changed to Exeter. In the 1060s, Exeter was a centre of resistance[disambiguation needed] to the Norman conquest.

In 1050, the Bishop of Crediton moved to Exeter; from then until 1876 the bishops were the heads of the church[disambiguation needed] in the whole of Devon and Cornwall. Now, only Devon is within the Exeter diocese.

Today it is home to the Meteorological Office, which forecasts the country's weather.