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EXIT or exit (lat. exit "he/she leaves", pl. exeunt) may mean:

  • Exit, denoting a way out of a building, city, or place
  • Emergency exit, or fire exit, used in case of an emergency
  • Exit ramp, or slip road, used to leave an expressway or motorway
  • Exit procedure, or exit interview, related to the termination of an employee
  • Exit plan, commonly used to describe a plan for business owners to divest themselves of their business, or the planning for the termination of an operation
  • Exit sign, indicating a point of egress
  • Exit (operating system), a system call to terminate a running program, process, task, or thread
  • Exit (command), a termination command in UNIX, DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows
  • User exit, a predefined replaceable procedure in a software package
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