Eye (cyclone)

region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones
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The eye is an area of calm weather in the center of strong tropical cyclones. The cyclone's lowest barometric pressure occurs in the eye. It is usually circular and ranges between 30 and 65 km (20 to 40 mi) in diameter, though smaller and larger eyes can occur.

Image of the eye of Hurricane Wilma.

In case of a cyclone it is the place where all the winds coming inside in a spiral motion converge. In an anticyclone it is the part from where all winds move out from.

The region surrounding the eye is the eyewall, where the worst weather is seen in a cyclone. These have strong winds, lots of rain and lots of cloud. There are also outer bands, which surround the cyclone, which forms the greatest part of the storm. These have winds so strong they can even form other tornadoes.