McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

US fighter aircraft
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The F-15 Eagle is a fighter jet that originally made by McDonnell-Douglas (later Boeing). It is known around the world for its toughness and undefeated record, meaning that it has never been shot down by an enemy plane. It is used primarily by the United States Air Force, but it is also used in Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. It usually carries missiles and an M61 Vulcan gun to shoot down enemy fighter jet planes. More than a thousand have been made.

The new version, called the F-15 Strike Eagle



In 1981, the F-15 was redesigned to include the ability to carry bombs, allowing the F-15 to do the job of attack aircraft. This means it can also destroy things on the ground. This new variant of the aircraft was called the McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle.

Another redesign, the F-15EX, is expected to enter service in the Summer of 2024 with mainly better equipment for electronic warfare.