FC Sturm 07 was a football club from the Viennese district of Favoriten. The club played between 1912 and 1926 10 seasons in the Second League.



The club was founded in 1907 as Fussball Klub Sturm At that time there were already three clubs in the district (Hertha, Rudolfshügel and Vorwärts) so Sturm stood always in the shadow of this teams. 1912 the club was promoted to the 2.Liga for the first time. 1912/13 and 1913/14 they stayed in the league. 1914 till 1916 the club did not play because of the First World War. 1916/17 Sturm 07 started again in the Second League but was relegated but were promoted next season. 1919/20 the finished 6th in the Second League which was the best result of the club in the league. In the same season the club reached the Quarter-finals of the Austrian Cup.

As early as 1921, the renewed relegation into the third division followed, which in turn was opposed to the direct promotion in 1922. The club was renamed Wiener Sport Club Sturm von 1907. 1925/26 they were again relegated. Since that season they slided into deeper leagues. During the Second World War the club did not play. After the war they there was no reactivation.


  • 10 × Second League: 1913–1914, 1917, 1919–1921, 1923–1926 (6. PLACE 1920, 1923)
  • 1 × Austrian Cup Quarter finals: 1920