FC Tokyo

Japanese football club

FC Tokyo (FC東京, Efushī Tōkyō)[1] is a Japanese professional football club[2] in Tokyo.[3]

FC Tokyo
Full nameFC Tokyo
GroundAjinomoto Stadium
ChairmanKenji Akune
ManagerMassimo Ficcadenti
LeagueJ1 League
2015J1 League, 5th

History change

The club was founded in 1935.[3]

  • 1935-1998: Tokyo Gas SC
  • 1999-present: FC Tokyo

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The team has some notable achievements.

In 2012, Kazuma Watanabe made three goals in one game against Sagan Tosu.[4]

In 2009, Naohiro Ishikawa scored three times in one game against Omiya Ardija.[4]

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