Factory (band)

Swedish pop-rock band


OriginStockholm, Sweden
Years active1978-1982
Past member(s)Mats Carinder, Ted Leinsköld, Lars-Olof Larsson, Ken Siewertson, Mats Söderberg

Factory was a band from Stockholm in Sweden, active between 1978-1982. They scored chart successes in Sweden during the late 1970s-1980's.[1][2]

Factory brok through in Sweden with the 1978 single Efter plugget 1978. The single was followed up by the album Factory. The band toured the Nordic Region in the late 1970s-early 1980's and also released the 1980 album Factory II.

During the 1990s, the band was reunited temporary touring with, among others, Magnum Bonum, Attack and Snowstorm.

Members change

  • Mats Carinder, vocals
  • Ted Leinsköld, guitar
  • Lars-Olof Larsson, keyboard
  • Ken Siewertson, bass
  • Mats Söderberg, drums

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