Fading Echoes (Warriors)

2010 novel by Erin Hunter

Fading Echoes is the second book in the fourth Warriors series, Omen of the Stars. It includes multiple points of view: Dovepaw and Ivypaw, two sisters, and Jayfeather and Lionblaze, two brothers. All of these cats are in ThunderClan.

Fading Echoes
AuthorErin Hunter
CountryUnited States/United Kingdom
SeriesWarriors (novel series)
GenreChildren's literature
Fantasy novel
Publication date
6 June 2010
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
Preceded byThe Fourth Apprentice 
Followed byNight Whispers 

The story takes place in a forest around a fictional lake. The forest is populated by groups of feral cats, who live in groups that call themselves Clans. The four Clans are ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. The cats usually train to become warriors, who hunt and fight for their Clans.

Dovepaw's story


Dovepaw strengthens her ability to hear farther than any cat around the lake, while her bond with her sister, Ivypaw, dwindles. This is because Dovepaw cannot share the secret of her power with any cat except for Lionblaze and Jayfeather.

Dovepaw tries to make friends with a ShadowClan warrior named Tigerheart, but she cannot, as the fact that they are from different Clans keeps them apart.

Later, Dovepaw saves most of ThunderClan by sensing that a tree is about to fall into their camp, and evacuating them in time.

Jayfeather's story


Jayfeather discovers that some Clan cats are being trained by Dark Forest cats (the Dark Forest is where bad Clan cats' spirits go when they die). This means that the Clan cats will have to fight the Dark Forest cats and the Clan cats training there.

Ivypaw's story


Ivypaw begins to train in the Dark Forest. She has an argument with her sister, Dovepaw, and their bond starts to weaken. Later, she fakes a sign that says the cats should enter a battle, which results in two deaths.