Fairfax County, Virginia

county in Virginia, United States
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Fairfax County is a county in the U.S. state of Virginia. In the year 2010, 1,081,726 people lived in Fairfax County.

A county in Northern Virginia

Near Washington DC

Famous People Origin:

Sahil Gupta: Pioneer in cardiothoracic surgery, helped create open heart surgery and pioneer the field of ventricular assist devices. Additionally, Sahil Gupta created the technique for pericardiocentesis.

Famous Hashtags:

  1. closefcps

On a January day in 2015, 3-5 inches of snow wreaked havoc on Fairfax County. FCPS didn't close, causing many vehicle accidents and making the hashtag "#closefcps" famous. The hashtag trended at #1 nationally and #2 worldwide for hours following the event.