The FamilyAlbum app is a family-oriented photo and video sharing service developed and founded by Japanese entrepreneur Kenji Kasahara, who also founded MIXI, Inc..[1][2] As of August 2020, FamilyAlbum has surpasses 8 million users.[3][4]

Industryfamily photo and video-sharing technology
FoundersKenji Kasahara
Area served
Key people
Kenji Kasahara
Servicesfamily photo and video sharing service
OwnerKenji Kasahara
ParentMIXI, Inc.

Formation history and services change

FamilyAlbum also known as Mitene in Japan was released in 2015 by Kenji Kasahara with a goal to share photos and videos with family and close friends.[5] The App "UI and UX is optimized for sharing, viewing, saving, and organizing photos and videos".[6]

Features change

FamilyAlbum is a family-focused photo and video sharing service launched by MIXI, Inc. on April 13, 2015.[7][8] It is available for as a smartphone app for iOS and Android.[9]

FamilyAlbum was developed by Kenji Kasahara. His goal was to create a service for people to share their children’s photos and facilitate communication in a closed group, such as with their partner or family.[6]

English language support was added on July 25, 2017. Now, FamilyAlbum is used in over 150 countries around the world. It is available in Japanese, English (American and British), French, German, Traditional Chinese and Korean.[10]

References change

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