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Famitsu (ファミ通, Famitsū, formerly Famicom Tsūshin) is a Japanese language video game magazine. It is published by Enterbrain, Inc. and Tokuma. Currently, there are five Famitsū magazines: Shūkan Famitsū, Famitsū PS3 + PSP, Famitsū Xbox 360, Famitsū Wii+DS, and Famitsū Wave DVD. Shūkan Famitsū (週刊ファミ通, lit. "Weekly Famitsū") is the original Famitsū magazine. It is known as the mostly read and respected video game news magazine in Japan.[2][3][4]

CategoriesVideo game
FrequencyWeekly / Monthly / Quarterly
Circulation500,000 (Weekly)
150,000 (PS)
120,000 (Xbox)
105,000 (DS+Wii)
100,000 (WaveDVD)[1]
PublisherEnterbrain, Inc., Tokuma
First issueJune 1986
CountryJapan Japan


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