Farmers to Families Food Box

The Farmers to Families Food Box program is set up by the United States' government during the COVID-19 pandemic to help get fresh food from farmers to consumers. The food is put into "family-sized" boxes containing produce, dairy products and/or meat. The programs is run by the USDA (Department of Agriculture). It is part of the government's general response to the pandemic, called the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program run by the USDA. It was announced on April 15, 2020. According to the program's home page, over 70,000,000 boxes were invoiced between the start date and then end of August. [1] As of the second week of August 2020, the program's budget was three billion dollars. [2]

The USDA buys the produce from farmers. Then the food is sent to local packaging companies. These companies distribute the packages to local organizations such as NGOs and religious orga nizations. The program sets no restrictions on which families may pick of the boxes. [3]


The program has been positively received. However, there has been some criticism. For example, the boxes weigh forty pounds. This can make it difficult for people without a car to get the boxes home. Also, the program initially only had boxes with produce, dairy products and meat. Since some people do not eat dairy or meat products, this created a problem. [4] It has also been stated that specialty-crop farmers have not been helped enough by the program. [5]


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