Fartuun Adan

Somali activist

Fartuun Abdisalaan Adan (Somali: Fartuun Aadan, Arabic: فارتوون عدن‎) is a Somali social activist.

Fartuun is the Executive Director of the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre


Fartuun grew up in Somalia. She married Elman Ali Ahmed, a local entrepreneur and peace activist.[1] [2] The couple had four daughters.[2]

In 1996, during the high point of the Somali Civil War, Fartuun's husband was killed near the family's home in southern Mogadishu.[2] After her husband died, Fartuun emigrated to Canada in 1999.[1]

In 2007, Fartuun returned to Somalia. She became an advocate for peace and human rights.[1]


Fartuun Adan received the International Women of Courage Award from the U.S. Department of State in 2013

The center is a NGO based in Mogadishu. Fartuun established the center in honor of her late husband.[3][4][5] Fartuun is the organization's Executive Director. Fartuun's daughter Ilwad works with her.[6]

Through the center, Fartuun also co-founded Sister Somalia, the country's first program to help victims of sexual violence.[1]


In 2013, Adan received the International Women of Courage Award from the United States Department of State.[3][4][5]

In 2014, she also received an award from the government of Germany for her work with the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre.[7]


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