Feature movie

film with a full-length running time
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A feature movie or feature film is a movie (also called a film or motion picture) with a run time long enough to be the main or only movie to fill a program at a movie theatre. A program is the set of shows that people are given for one admission ticket. A feature movie is therefore a movie that runs for long enough to be the main or only show in a program. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Film Institute, and British Film Institute, a feature movie runs for at least 40 minutes. The Screen Actors Guild states that it is 80 minutes or longer.

The majority of feature movies are between 70 and 210 minutes long. The Story of the Kelly Gang was the first feature movie based on length, and was released in Australia in 1906. The first feature-length movie based on a book was Les Misérables which was released in 1909.

Feature movie for children are usually between 70 and 105 minutes. Other early feature movies include a version of Oliver Twist (1912), Richard III (1912) and From the Manger to the Cross (1912).