Filippo Juvarra

Italian architect and stage set designer

Filippo Juvarra was an architect from Italy who lived from 1678 to 1736. He was born in Messina. He designed many famous buildings, especially churches and palaces.

Painting of Filippo Juvarra around 1735 by Agostino Masucci

Here is a list of some buildings he designed:

  • The Royal Palace of Madrid
  • The front of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, in Madrid
  • Some parts of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, in Madrid
  • The gate of the Sanctuary of Oropa, in Biella
  • The Basilica of Superga in Turin
  • He finished the Santa Cristina, which is also in Turin
  • He rebuilt the church of San Filippo Neri which is also in Turin
  • He also designed the inside of the church of Santa Teresa (which is in Turin)
  • The Palace of Stupinigi, which is six miles outside of Turin.
  • The front of the Palazzo Madama which is in Central Turin.
  • He also fixed the Palace of Venaria which had been damaged in the War of the Spanish Succesion. This building is located 8 km northwest of Turin.
  • The Royal Palace of Turin. (Which is in Turin)