Finnish markka

currency of Finland in 1860–2002

The Finnish markka, also known as the Suomen markka, or simply markka, was the currency in Finland before Finland started to use Euro. Markka's abbreviation was mk and internationally FIM. There were 100 pennies, (penni, p), to each markka. There were also coupons.

Finnish markka
Suomen markka  (Finnish)
finsk mark  (Swedish)
1983 1 markka
1983 1 markka
ISO 4217 Code FIM
User(s) None, previously:
Since 14 October 1996
Fixed rate since 31 December 1998
Replaced by €, non cash 1 January 1999
Replaced by €, cash 1 January 2002
= 5.94573 mk
1100 penni
Symbol mk
penni p
Plural markkaa (Finnish partitive sg.)
mark (Swedish)
penni penniä (Finnish partitive sg.)
penni (Swedish)
Freq. used 10 p, 50 p, 1 mk, 5 mk, 10 mk
Rarely used 1 p (until 1979), 5 p and 20 p (until 1990)
Freq. used 10 mk, 20 mk, 50 mk, 100 mk, 500 mk
Rarely used 1000 mk
Central bank Bank of Finland
This infobox shows the latest status before this currency was rendered obsolete.