Fishing lure

object to attract fish

A fishing lure is an object used to catch fish. It is tied to the end of a fishing line. A fishing lure is made to look like something a fish would eat. They move in a special way and have certain colors. Lures have fishing hooks attached to them.

An example of a fishing lure

They are usually used with a fishing rod. When a lure is used, it is cast, or thrown, out into the water and pulled back in. A good fisherman can cast the lure into places where the fish hide, like under logs.

There are many types of fishing lures. Most of them are made to look like dying, injured, or fast fish. They can be made of wood, plastic, rubber, metal, cork, feathers, animal hair, and other things. Some are shiny so that they catch the fish's attention.

Fishing lures can come in many different types such as a jig or a popper. A jig will usually have a weight attached to it so it can float at the right height. A popper is a lure used to attract trout and bass. A popper has a colorful design in the front to attract fish. Fishing lures can be very expensive as some are sold for thousands of dollars.

The fishing lure was invented in 1890 by a man named James Heddon. He created the fishing lure by accident by taking a big piece of wood and carving a frog shape into it and taking the lure and attaching it to his line. Then he threw it in the water and immediately caught a bass. The next day he started a company called the Heddon Company and the era of the fishing lure was born.

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