Flag of Barbados

national flag

The national flag of Barbados was started on 30 November 1966. That was the island's first Independence Day. It has a triband of two bands of ultramarine. These are said to stand for the ocean. The middle band is golden. This is for the sand on the island. A black trident-head is centred in the golden band. The broken lower part is a symbolic break from its status as a colony.[1] The three points of the trident are for the three principles of democracy - 1) government of, 2) for, and 3) by the people.

NameThe Broken Trident
UseNational flag and civil ensign
DesignA vertical tricolour triband of ultramarine and gold, in 2:1 ratio, with a black trident
Designed byGrantley W. Prescod
Barbados's naval White Ensign

The design for the flag was made by Grantley W. Prescod. There was an open competition put on by the Barbados government. Over a thousand entries were received.[2]

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