Flight attendant

position in an aircrew

In aviation, flight stewardesses or flight attendants — also known as cabin crew, stewards, air hosts/hostesses, or stewardesses, — are members of a cabin crew employed by airlines to assist the travelers.

Air Serbia stewardesses and regional cabin staff

Stewardesses assist both the travelers but also the pilots who are busy driving the plain, as the pilots does not talk directly during driving to travelers they talk and send their messages to them by the stewardesses.

Stewardesses has also communications studies for this reason.

Stewardesses are helping not only in piloting but sometimes in other types of transport as big buses.

Usually stewardesses are plane pilots assistants in air and are used to flight in air, to keep balance in air, and on plane, and are in good physical shape.

Stewardesses has as pilots uniforms in civilian piloting for the professional level of their work.

They make sure that the passengers on commercial flights (or, sometimes, business jets) are safe and comfortable during the flight.