Flyning Over Grass

1969 Hong Kong movie directed by Lung Chien

Flying Over Grass (Chinese: 一 草上飛) is a 1969 Hong Kong action drama movie directed by Lung Chien and starring Ching-Ching Chang, Pin Chiang and Hsia Chiang.

Flying Over Grass
Directed byLung Chien
Written by
Tien-Yung Hsu
  • ̈ Hsin-Te Hung
Ching-Ching Chang
  • Pin Chiang
  • Hsia Chiang
  • Li Chin
  • Chiang Han
  • Bao Hsiao
  • You Hsiao
  • Chun Huang
  • You-Min Ko
Release date
CountryHong Kong

Plot change

In China of Middle Age, a swordswoman called "Flight over Grass", helps a group of people defeat a terrible warlord.[1]

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