Fox Mulder

fictional character and protagonist of the television series The X-Files

Fox Mulder is one of the main characters in the science-fiction show The X-Files. He is an FBI agent working in the section called the X-Files. He works together with his partner Dana Scully to figure out answers to questions in the X-Files. The questions he looks at are usually about aliens or the paranormal. Later, Mulder begins to date Scully in season 7 of the show.[2]

Fox Mulder
First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearanceI Want to Believe
Portrayed byDavid Duchovny
OccupationFBI Special agent
FamilyC.G.B. Spender (bio. father)
William Mulder (father)
Teena Mulder (mother)
Samantha Mulder (sister)
William Scully Jr (son)[1]

Mulder has a sister named Samantha Mulder. He spends a lot of time looking for her. Later in the show, Mulder finds out that his sister was kidnapped by aliens and the government.

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