Frances Haugen

American data engineer, scientist, and whistleblower

Frances Haugen is an American electrical engineer, data scientist, product manager, and whistleblower.[1] In 2021, she disclosed [or showed] tens of thousands of Facebook's internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Wall Street Journal. She also filed (or made) a whistleblower complaint to the SEC; In the complaint she has said that Facebook has misled (or gave wrong information to) investors [to give priority, or] "to prioritize growth over safety"; She says that was done by ignoring research showing that it (or Facebook) amplifies "angry, polarizing, [and] divisive content", and that can put public safety at risk.[2][3]

Frances Haugen
Haugen in 2021
EducationOlin College (BS)
Harvard University (MBA)
Occupation(s)Data engineer, product manager

She gave testimony in front of one of the committees of the United States Senate, on October 5.[1][4]

Later in October, Facebook's Oversight Board said that it will [meet or] speak with Haugen about her knowledge of the business (of Facebook) and its practices.[5]

She was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa.[6]

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