Francis I of France

King of France (1494-1547)

Francis I of France (September 12, 1494 – March 31, 1547) was a King of France and a member of the House of Valois.

Francis I

Birth change

Francis was born in Cognac, France on September 12, 1494. His parents were Charles, Duke of Angoulême and Louise of Savoy.

Marriage change

Francis I married Claude of France on May 18, 1514. They had seven children, two died before turning eight, two died at the ages of eighteen to twenty-three. Those who lived to adulthood were:

  • Henry, King of France
  • Madeline, Queen of Scotland
  • Margaret, Duchess of Berry

Art change

Francis was very interested in art and liked the artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Death change

Francis died on March 31, 1547. He is buried in the Saint Denis Basilica.