Frankfurter Rundschau

German daily newspaper

The Frankfurter Rundschau is a nationwide newspaper in Germany.

editorial office in Frankfurt



The ''Frankfurter Rundschau is a left-wing liberal newspaper in Germany. Its position is often similar to the positions of the trade unions. There are 6 newspapers a week. It has a regional part for Hesse and a local part for Frankfurt am Main, too. There are about 180,000 newapapers sold daily. The ''Franfurter Rundschau'' is the first newspaper in Germany in the tabloid format.



The Frankfurter Rundschau'' was the second newspaper starting in Germany after the World War II on the 1st of August 1945. And it was the first newspaper in the U.S. sector. The licence was handed over to the first team of editors consisting of Emil Carlebach, Hans Etzkorn, Wilhelm Karl Gerst, Otto Grossmann, Wilhelm Knothe, Paul Rodemann and Arno Rudert. There were social democrats, political katholics and communists, who had spent years in the resistance and nazi concentration camps or in exile.

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