Norse deity
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Freyr / Frey(Old Norse: “[the] Lord”) is the god of prosperity, fair weather, and fertility in Norse mythology, associated with sacral kingship, and virility. A member of the Vanir, he is the son of Njörd and twin brother of Freya. Husband of Gerðr, Freyr rides into battle on the massive shining boar Gullinbursti (Old Norse: “Golden maned” or “bristled”) and possesses the mighty ship Skíðblaðnir (Old Norse: “assembled from thin pieces of wood”), both forged by the drawrven brothers collectively known as the Sons of Ivaldi. Skíðblaðnir is said to always have a favorable breeze and can be folded together and carried in a pouch when not in use. Freyr once wielded the legendary sword Sümrbranðr (Old Norse: “Sword of summer”), which was said to be able to fight by itself.

When Freyr snuck in and sat on Odin's throne Hliðskjálf (on which one can see anything, anywhere across the Nine Worlds), instead of seeing Freyja (who was recently lost somewhere), Freyr came across Gerðr, a beautiful giantess native to Jötunheimr. He fell in love, and sent his servant Skírnir to woo her for him, but Gerðr refused to marry the god until Skirnir threatened to kill Gerðr with Freyr's sword and damage her lands. Gerðr finally agreed to marry Freyr, who then gave his sword to Skírnir as a reward.

Frey's realm is Álfheimr, the land of the elves. He is the patron god of Sweden. Statues of Odin, Thor, Frey, Frigg, and Freyja are often found in ancient temples.