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Friday is a day of the week. In some countries, for example the United States, it is the sixth day of the week. In other parts of the world, for example the United Kingdom, it is said to be the fifth day of the week.

In Christianity, Good Friday is the Friday before Easter. It commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus. Special prayer services and ceremonies are held worldwide on this day with readings from the Gospel.

Friday is the Sabbath for Muslims.

There is a superstition that a Friday on the 13th day of a month is unlucky. If the first day of a month is a Sunday, the month will have a Friday the 13th.

Some people consider Friday to be the last day of the week before the weekend. Others see Friday night as part of the weekend, since work or school is over for the week. In some places, the weekend is Friday and Saturday.[1] Because many people are happy to not have to go to work during the weekend, there are sayings like "Thank God it's Friday!".

Friday is named after Norse Goddess Frigg.


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