tendency of someone to point out and emphasize the comical nature of something (or the mental state that leads to this tendency)
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Humour or humor (Greek: Χιούμορ) is the way that some experiences can make people laugh or feel happy. Most people are able to be amused (laugh or smile at something funny) and have a sense of humor. You can use puns with words that sound similar but have different meanings, or a word that has two meanings.[1] Other examples of humor are satire, saying yes or no when it is not expected, and using different kinds of logic. People of different ages and cultures can find different things humorous.[1] For example, adults may like satire, which children could find hard to understand.[2][3] A comedian is someone who is paid to make people laugh. Humor is describing things in a funny way, having the ability to make the jokes.

Laughing or smiling often show a sense of humor and that the person is happy.


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