movable objects intended to support various human activities

Furniture is the word that means all the things like chairs, tables, cupboards, beds and bookcases.

A red sofa.

In other words, furniture are all the things that are in the house and that people can use to sit, to lie on or that are supposed to contain smaller things like cloths or cups. Furniture is made of wood, particle boards, leather, screws etc.

Different rooms have different furniture for different purposes. Offices have office furniture such as desks and office chairs. Dining rooms have a table and dining chairs. Theaters and classrooms have rows of seats facing forward.

Shaker bedroom.JPG

Bedroom furniture includes a bed covered by sheets, a bedspread and maybe a blanket and pillow . Next to the bed is the nightstand or night table. A lamp may be on the nightstand. The dresser has drawers for clothes. On top of a dresser may be a mirror.

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