Game of Death II

1981 film by Ng See-yuen

Game of Death II (死亡塔) is a 1981 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Ng See-yuen and starring Tong Lung, Huong Cheng Li and Roy Horan. This film was marketed as a sequel to Game of Death (1978 movie).[1] Produced and distributed by Golden Harvest.

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Other Game of Death movies after the death of Bruce Lee. After the first appearance, in 1973, of The Game of Death (1972 movie) within the documentary Bruce Lee: the Man and the Legend, several studios exploited the situation by making their own versions of Game of Death based on what they had learned of the story from production stills and magazine articles. Some of these films pre-dated Robert Clouse's Game of Death (1978 movie). Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death (1975), Enter the Game of Death (1978), The True Game of Death (1979) and others. The sequel Game of Death II, is a kung fu action mystery film directed by Ng See-yuen which used cut footage from Lee's Enter the Dragon to have him make an appearance in the beginning of the film, only to be killed off midway, allowing his on-screen brother to take on the role of protagonist. Aside from the international English dub giving the Bruce Lee character the name Billy Lo, this movie appears to have no connection with Clouse's film.

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