Game show

type of radio and television program where contestants compete for prizes

A game show is a reality television program where people play a game for points, with the goal of winning money or prizes. Different game shows use different games. Most test the players' knowledge, skill, or cleverness. Many game shows incorporate some element of chance; for example, in Wheel of Fortune, contestants spin a wheel to determine how much prize money they will get for a correct letter.

A game show in progress

Some game shows have the contestants compete against other individual contestants; other game shows group contestants into teams. Some game shows have regular people as the contestants. Other game shows have celebrities such as movie actors or musicians as the contestants.

Many game shows air on the Game Show Network.

The first game shows were on radio.

Prizes change

Game shows often reward people with money, holidays, or cars. These prizes are often given by the people or group of people that give the game show money to run. The people who give the game show money to run are called sponsors.

Examples change

Examples of game shows include: