Garden of the Missing in Action

garden in memory of Israeli soldiers whose burial site is unknown

31°46′34.18″N 35°10′46.94″E / 31.7761611°N 35.1797056°E / 31.7761611; 35.1797056

The Garden of the Missing in Action (Hebrew: גן הנעדרים, Gan HaNe'edarim) is a memorial garden in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. It is in the National Military and Police cemetery of Israel. The garden is dedicated to the missing in action whose bodies were never found from 1914 to today. There is also a temporary monument for the unknown soldiers. It is planned to move this to the National Memorial Hall. The memorial includes names of Jewish and non-Jewish soldiers and officers who have served in the Israeli Army and Israeli Police. The garden was built in 1954 a short time after an ancient Jewish cave was discovered nearby. It became the Garden of the Missing in 2004. The garden includes "empty graves" with a memorial board with all the names of the missing in action next to a memorial plaza.

The Operation Boatswain Memorial is next to the garden.

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