commune in Hauts-de-Seine, France
T1 tram line in Gennevilliers, front of Saint Marie Madeleine's church.
Gennevilliers main fire station.
River Seine in the Port de Gennevilliers.
coat of arms

Gennevilliers is a town in France near Paris. It is in the region Île-de-France and the department of Hauts-de-Seine. About 41,000 people live there.


Gennevilliers has a town hall, two fire stations, a police station, three post office, and a customs station.

Culture & monumentsEdit

Gennevilliers has an old church from 17th century called Saint Marie Madeleine. At least Gennevilliers has got a movie theatre, a modern theatre, a music school, and a fine art school.


The main sports played in Gennevilliers are : Football, rugby, swimming, dance, archery, and kayak


Gennevilliers is famous for his port, the Port de Gennevilliers, one of the most important in France, and the first one on the river Seine. Gennevilliers has 3 stations of the Paris Métro Line 13 : Gabriel Péri, Les Agnettes, and Les Courtilles. Urban train line C come to Gennevilliers. City is also served by 6 tram stations : Parc des Chantereine, Gare de Gennevilliers, Timbaud, Le Village, Le Luth, and Les Courtilles. Two highways converge in Gennevilliers, the A15 and A86.

Twin townEdit