George Boleyn

English courtier and nobleman (1504-1536); brother of Anne Boleyn

George Boleyn (1504? - May 17 1536) was the brother of his famous sister Anne Boleyn and his other sister Mary Boleyn. His parents were Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire and Lady Elizabeth Howard.



George was born in 1504, probably in Blickling, although it is unsure. George Boleyn was well known for serving the King (Henry VIII ), he was most favored by him. His sister, Anne, became queen because of the help of his Uncle (The Duke of Norfolk) and his Father (Thomas Boleyn). His two sisters, Anne Boleyn (Second wife of Henry VIII), and Mary Boleyn (Mistress of the King) were his only two friends. They spent much time together. He married Jane Parker, also known as Lady Jane Rochford. He was not happy with his marriage, he was only engaged to her by their Uncle. As a Boleyn/Howard (Howard, Mothers maiden name) he had to obey. His obedience towards his family made him unhappy. He refused to sleep with his wife, so instead spent many nights with his sisters in Anne's rooms. Mary would be there, for she was Anne's lady in waiting. All three of the Boleyns were very close.



George Boleyn had a very close relationship with his sister Anne. He was also close with his other sister, but Mary focused more on her family with her husband (William Stafford). George and Anne's downfall happened when Henry VIII accused them of incest. Mary Boleyn was not with them at the time of their exile. She chose to hide because of her children. If she had not hidden herself, she too would have been killed. It was likely a false charge by Henry VIII so he could get rid of Anne Boleyn. George's wife claimed that George and Anne had an affair. At her own execution, Lady Jane Rochford claimed that "God has permitted me to suffer this shameful doom as punishment for having contributed to my husband's death. I falsely accused him of loving in an incestuous manner, his sister, Queen Anne Boleyn. For this I deserve to die."