Georges Appert

French historian and japanologist

Georges Appert (1850 – 1934) was a French historian, writer and Japan studies expert.[1] He was a professor of law at the University of Tokyo.[2]



Appert was a government advisor in Japan from 1879 to 1889.[2]

Select works


In an overview of writings by and about Appert, OCLC/WorldCat lists roughly 26 works in 43 publications in 5 languages and 132 library holdings.[3] Some of the works are:

  • Ancien Japon, 1888
  • Du terme en droit romain et en droit français, 1876
  • Dictionnaire des termes de droit, d'économie politique et d'administration, 1885
  • 日本立法資料全集 (Japanese legislation Complete Works). 別卷 337, 佛國相續法講義 , 2005
  • Un code de la féodalité Japonaise au XIIIe siècle, 1900
  • 経済学講義 (Economics lecture), 1883


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